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About This Project

At the end of 2012, the idea of taking traveling to a next level came along.
After traveling to a numerous amount of countries over the last ten years – of which many of those trips had been work related -, it was about time to turn over a new leaf.


Every single time Trudie was abroad, she became lyrical about everything she saw, a true ‘Travelmaniac’ so to say. The combination of different cultures and craftmanship of the local community had always caught her eye. The way of weaving or knotting carpets, how people illustrate, embroider, knit, how they create something that becomes art in our eyes.
As a creative person herself she was intrigued by the natural components, the extraordinary colors, the fabrics and above all, the love they put in their work. And that exceptional handwork is still made by professionals today, throughout the entire world.


The idea of collecting a few of those wonderful pieces out of a museum called ‘earth’, arose. So she went, traveling the world. India, Korea, Japan, Thailand, United States and South America. To see it with her own eyes and feel it with her bare hands, to breathe the scents of culture and soak up the atmosphere.


Trudie had the privilege to travel the world, to discover new environments and learn about specific indigenous cultures. But traveling is about sharing. After all, culture is a collection of information that is transferred through our brains and as well our doings. Why shouldn’t we share what we have seen or what we have learned? The webshop Travelmania Design matched this motto perfectly.


Trudie mixed and matched everything she brought home with her own know-how and creativity. Slowly but surely she created a collection of furniture, interior accessoiries, clothing, arty chandeliers and carpets and sold those through the webshop and physical store Travelmania Design.