Interior, Styling
About This Project

De Lieshoeve has a special story. This house, located in a small town in Belgium (Arendonk), was newly built in 2014 and needed to be decorated. In honor of Trudie closest friend Liesbeth, the former lady of the house, she shaped it into a very fine and relaxing place. The private works of Liesbeth, as she was an out of the ordinary artist and painter, are spread out over the two story house.


Together with the owner of the house, she mixed previously used materials with her touch of style and eye for detail. An old silo was turned into a jacuzzi and many days were spent on making bedspreads for every guestroom available.


The combination of those raw materials with soft shaped interior items makes the place very comfortable and family friendly. And if you take a closer look, you can see a striking piece of art in each corner of the house.


Liesbeth was an extraordinary and outstanding person, a light in the life and she still brightens up every room in De Lieshoeve.

De Lieshoeve is open for guests and if you wish to come visit, get in touch!