About This Project

How to best draw the attention at a fair without losing your professionalism?
The client wanted a stand on a business fair that would attract potential customers for his company. And networking is about socializing. And having a conversation gets a lot easier over a tasty, cold beer! The customers at the fair had to walk by the stand with a question mark. Is this a cool hangout spot or is there business to attend to?


The PRET Contain’Inn is both. It is a very colorful and thus attracting place that you can not just pass. You will have a deep urge to check out what is going on!


The client asked Trudie and her team to make something special, so she did.
They got the container, sprayed it in a bright orange color, made tailored, hand painted and coated furniture and added some nice bits and bobs to make it whole.


After the fair, the container was hired for many other events. It previously served as a bar for different business fairs, private parties and even the local hockey club likes to celebrate victory after the game in the container.


If you wish to hire the PRET Contain’Inn for your event, take a look at the Facebook page.