Fashion Design
About This Project

What would you do if you had three little girls, who all had to go to school every day in a cute outfit? Day in, day out, thinking about what they could wear for the day, got a bit exhausting for Trudie.


With designing clothing to her own taste for her children, the problem was solved. Through personal contacts she met her former business partner and within a few weeks, she already got on a plane to Turkey to connect with potential suppliers and to find manufacturers. She found the most experienced and professional ones in Turkey, Portugal, India and China.


Muy Malo, which means ‘a bit naughty’, quickly became a huge success. It was new, unique and exquisite for that time. Every kid in primary school was suddenly dressed in the brightest colors and the most original prints.


Every collection made was based on either a country or a cultural theme. Therefore, Trudie traveled a lot during this period of ten years. To get to know those countries and cultures and be able to make a refined full picture it.
In India, Mongolia, Morocco, Peru, Italy and China she found her inspiration for designing new collections. After designing and manufacturing the collection, she and her team went to those countries to photograph the items with local kids.


Muy Malo evolved for years alongside the growth of her kids, but as they got older, their taste in clothing changed as well. That is where the Muy Malo chapter ended and where Trudie expressed herself in a new project.