Fashion Design
About This Project

A new clothing line was launched by Trudie in 2009, specially designed for boys. The daily talks in the schoolyard with fellow moms made Trudie realize there was a huge demand for the male version of Muy Malo.
Molto Buffo was fresh. People were ready. Ready for something new and different.


The brands for boys were sturdy but simple. They were firm, made for the average boy in the age of four to twelve. Molto Buffo was made for the boy who did not want to wear the same shirt as any other boy in his class.
More color, more prints and thus more expression for the coolest kid in town.


The customers immediately took it in well. The great success of big sister Muy Malo gave them the confidence that Molto Buffo could also become a success.
The team learned that the market for boys was slightly different than for girls, but as the two brands worked together side by side it was a perfect addition.


Molto Buffo announced the launch of the first fall collection and people got excited.
It created the same effect on them as Muy Malo did: eager moms impatiently waiting for the still closed shop to open. They wanted to be the first to get hold of the exclusive items of Molto Buffo!