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Fashion Design
About This Project

What to do with 538 yarns and 52 pairs of knitting needles, collected over 42 years, stored in a selfmade studio? Hidden under balls of wool, pieces of clothing, paint in every color possible and designs from the past, you can find Trudie. A stylist and designer in its widest sense. She is fast, she is driven, a creative spirit and a jack-of-all-trades.


Life taught her how to be creative and how to express herself. As a seven year old she started providing her favorite stuffed animals with a new wardrobe, by the age of 15 the whole family would knock on her door to get a new, hand knitted Trudie-item. From that point, she started hunting. Hunting for hidden treasures in a museum of tools that she collected over the years. She designed various successful clothing lines for girls, boys and women and travelled the world for inspiration and materials. Many times she got caught at night sneaking into her studio, wearing pajamas and slippers.


You know why? Because she had an idea. And idea’s can’t wait.


‘Teach a skill and save it for a rainy day’ – is what they say. In the Netherlands, there is always an opportunity to wear wool. She mixed her extensive collection of yarns and threads, glitter and sparkled it up with a touch of gold and many hours of hand labour. Where it can all be done by machine these days, Trudie prefers to take a step back. Back to the core, to the creation of real handmade, self-designed and unique collectors items. Something outstanding, something sustainable, something the kids in the family tree fight over.


The new project is born: the launch of Sixty Ply Candies. Fashion in its pureness. Art to be worn.


Price on request